HDC Member Announcement


June 23, 2017

To all HDC Members

Our growth and success at HDC comes directly from the support of our members, and your investment in our co-operative business. As a member, you know HDC is built on a tradition of hard work and respect.

Serving our member base and helping you achieve your objectives has always been – and always will be – our top priority. We remain focused solely on that priority to ensure you receive value as a part of HDC. 

With an appreciation of our 80-year history of success, we are entering a new era with a renewed focus on transparency, communication, stability and predictability. HDC is at a very exciting point in its development. Your Board of Directors, with our CEO and executive team have developed a new vision to create long-term, sustainable growth for the benefit of our membership. 

You may be aware of some recent messages that are contrary to HDC’s vision and new direction. I want to assure you that the Board is moving forward with confidence. We have carefully considered the opportunities and are positive this direction will achieve the results you want.

The Board of Directors would also like to assure you that it fully supports the employees, the executive team and our CEO as we focus on working for the best interests of our Co-Operative and its members. HDC will continue to concentrate on building a consumer-focused, farmer-owned agri-business with innovative people committed to excellence in a global marketplace.


Yours very truly,


Steve Jansen

President of the Board


Direct questions to:  Board.Directors@hdc.on.ca

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