What is Precision Agriculture? Precision Agriculture is an integrated information system that allows Food Producers the ability to vary crop inputs across a field and then capture, store and analyze all relevant data to realize improved profitability on each and every acre.

Factors that influence crop yield such as soil characteristics, insects, weeds, and environment can be monitored and recorded providing many benefits to increase crop yields. 

By providing precise positioning for all equipment actions and chemical applications, HDC’s Precision Ag Management Services give Food Producer’s the ability to adjust crop management programs and farming practices to increase crop yields through a better understanding of a fields’ variability and crop needs.

HDC offers the following Precision Ag Management Services to bring value to your farm:


For more information and details, contact your Local HDC Field Marketer.


VIDEO Farms.com: Jan 22, 2017
New Wintex 1000S Soil Sampling System on John Deere Gator In Action

VIDEO Farms.com: Variable Fertilizer Evaluation with Trimble GreenSeeker with Steve Redmond, HDC Precision Ag Specialist

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