HDC offers a wide variety of dry bean opportunities for their Food Producers. HDC has developed alliances with seed companies, universities and end-users to ensure the proper varieties are available to create win-win situations for all stakeholders. White Beans, Coloured Beans and Japanese Beans are all available on a contract basis where we match up end-user needs with allocated contract acres.

HDC must provide a food safe product in all aspects of production, storage, handling, processing, bagging, transportation and warehousing of the Food Products that we provide. The staff and management at HDC truly appreciate the consistent quality that our Food Producers strive to bring us. Without the initial good quality that we receive, we could not meet the strict quality parameters in the marketplace today. As we have in the past, we will continue to be proud of the role that our Food Producers play in meeting the targets of today’s consumers. HDC Food Producers are included among the best on a global scale!

Thank you for working with HDC to provide a consistent, safe and traceable food product to our customers. Below is a list of market classes of dry beans that HDC has to offer. Check out all the areas of the For Grower tab for additional resources related to crop production.

HDC offers the following Dry Bean Market Classes:


Updated 07.Dec.2015

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