Together HDC growers and staff have built a solid reputation in the global food grade marketplace. By supplying processors with a consistent, high quality supply of dry beans and food grade soybeans, we have built good relationships with our buyers. HDC became involved in dry bean marketing in the 1960s and has grown this sector of our business over the years. A major expansion and focus in this sector was conducted during the 1990s and has created the foundation for HDC’s Food Products Division. Today HDC offers dry beans and food grade soybeans to buyers across the globe. Your food grade crops are the ingredients in the food that is served to families around the world.

Through access to these markets, HDC’s growers benefit to the tune of over $10,000,000.00 annually in extra income over growing commercial crops alone. These value added markets allow HDC and our growers to remain competitive in a world where commodity markets based the lowest cost of production drive margins to the lowest levels possible.

See how you can apply the benefits of HDC’s value added contracts to your farming operation. Contact any HDC Field Marketer for contract details.