What is FieldTrace? FieldTrace is a secure web-based Crop Management System that is also designed to be an integral part of HDC’s Quality Assurance System. Since today’s marketplace demands the utmost in food safety and traceability, it is critical to have an efficient method of recording the steps taken to ensure that a safe and high quality product is being provided. FieldTrace is a program designed to make the job easier and more efficient.

FieldTrace will allow HDC’s Food Producers to link their fields to their crops and contracts and record the Good Agricultural Practices that are being used. Drop-down menus will assist the user in entering details.  In addition to the database functions, geo-referenced mapping capabilities are provided.  Producers using the system will have the advantage of building historical data while fulfilling the requirements of the IP Food Grade Soybean and Dry Bean contracts. Information for non-contracted crops can be recorded as well. Watch the below video to take a screen tour of FieldTrace and the features provided.

Since late April 2015, we have discovered that there are issues with using FieldTrace in Google Chrome. The issue is a result of Chrome deciding to discontinue support for several software “plug-ins”. Among these is the one for Microsoft Silverlight which is the platform used to build FieldTrace. For this reason all FieldTrace users are advised to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox when using FieldTrace.

Find more videos demonstrating the functions of FieldTrace here.

FieldTrace is available for use by all HDC customers at no chargeCall any HDC location to get on board or contact Walt Vermunt by  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone 1-800-265-5190 ext. 322 to arrange an individual or group demonstration. You can access the FieldTrace system by clicking the Login icon at the right of the page.

Noteto gain access to the FieldTrace system, you will need to obtain a user name and password by contacting any HDC location if you have not already done so.

Software requirements for FieldTrace:

  • Windows Based Operating System
  • Microsoft Silverlight Software (available for download from the FieldTrace website)
  • ***HTML Version 5 to be released shortly
  • Note: that FieldTrace does not currently function on iPad tablets, however this option will be available in the near future.

For Growers who wish to provide their Field ID and Product Application Information using our traditional forms, please click on the links below:

"Traceability: Where to Start?" from OMAF here.

Find Information here on the Ontario Provicial Premises ID for your farm.