HDC offers a strong line of soft white winter, hard red winter, and soft red winter wheat varieties from Advantage Seeds, C&M Seeds and Hyland Seeds.

CM Seeds is committed to advancing the future of agriculture and the rural economy in Ontario. With new advanced genetics and a strong push on marketing the varieties we develop, we will do everything we can to make agriculture and crop production a prosperous venture... We will do everything we can to ensure that YOU are successful.


Our hard-working winter wheat varieties are yield and quality leaders. Whatever market you're in, you'll find a hard red, soft red and soft white variety with proven performance and a strong disease package.

HDC is pleased to offer Hyland varieties of Winter Cereals.

Branson Variety Specifications

Please be advised HDC Elevators will not accept any grain that have been treated with Manipulator or Cycocel.
Read full notice from HDC here (PDF).

Please contact your Local HDC Field Marketer for more information.


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