HDC offers a wide variety of edible soybean opportunities for their food producers. Each identity preserved variety is contracted with end-users for specific uses. Our products are used in tofu, miso, natto, soymilk, and sprouting markets.

Worldclass Food Grade Seed Plant

HDC is a major supplier of edible dry beans, food grade and Non-GMO soybeans to global customers. HDC, together with our producers, have developed a reputation for supplying top quality beans with very comprehensive traceability using our “Field to Fork” program.


For more information, please download our Seed Treater Flyer (pdf)


HDC offers a great line up of soybean varieties for the premium Food Grade market. These varieties possess the traits that buyers are looking for in the manufacture of tofu, miso and soymilk products and give your buyers the ability to supply a consistent, high quality product with the texture and flavour that consumers enjoy.

Nobody knows how to farm your land better than you do. You know your fields, you know your management system, and you know the end-use of each crop. Knowing all this gives you a solid foundation for selecting the best seed genetics for the way you farm. With improved genetics, new technologies, and your personal knowledge of your fields and management systems, should you expect more? Absolutely!

The DEKALB brand commitment to corn and soybean technologies never stops. Season after season, we provide you with the cutting-edge seed technologies that help you take your operation a step further. It's this drive that makes the DEKALB brand a leader in seed genetics and technology. We think you deserve the best, and that's why we work to bring new products to market faster. Because if your season isn't successful, neither is ours.

DEKALB® Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans have the same leading genetics and performance that soybean growers have come to expect from the DEKALB brand. Offering you the most extensive soybean line-up in the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System, across a broad range of maturities, giving you more options to get the most yield potential from your seed. Increased early season weed control = more potential bushels per acre = more profit potential per acre.



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