HDC provides dry & liquid fertilizers as well as Anhydrous Ammonia. We have six locations that blend dry fertilizer, 7 locations with liquid fertilizer and 3 locations that distribute anhydrous ammonia.

For product labels, please refer to:

o  EngageAgro
o  Bio-Forge (Stoller Canada)

Sound fertility programs include all of the Macro, Secondary and Micronutrients listed below:

o  Macro Nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium
o  Secondary NutrientsSulphurMagnesium, Calcium
o Micro NutrientsZincManganeseIron, Boron, Copper, Molybdenum

HDC Fertilizer Options & Products:

Transit-SGuaranteed to improve how your crops use fertilizer, the use of Transit-S with your soil applied fertilizers is an easy addition to your fertilizer program. Read more on Transit-S from ATP Nutrition and how it will fit your fertility program. Also, be sure to read and print the guarantee.

Foliar Fertilizer: In addition to your fall and spring fertilizer program, consider an in-season foliar application to your crop. Maintaining optimal nutrient balance of a crop, foliar fertilizers ensure plant health through to the end of the season. With many options to mix with your in-season herbicide program, foliar fertilizers require no extra passes across the field, creating a low cost solution to improve yield. Learn about some of the foliar fertilizers HDC carries by reading the information below and find the product that best fits you and your crop.

Releaf Mn
With a value guarantee on your wheat and soybean acres, Releaf Mn offers a great solution for boosting yields in your fields. Read and print the guarantee here.


HDC Sulphur Fact Sheet

Please visit the Ontario Agri Business Association website for more information about on farm safety.

For updates and further information on the Ammonia Standards Program, go to the Fertilizer Safety & Security Council (FSSC) website. Also, check out what Programs and Training FSSC offer.


Above: comparison of plots using Transit-S versus Untreated at HDC, 2012.