December 2014 (pdf) HDC Board of Directors Report
- Fertilizer Market Update
- HDC Staff Announcements

November 2014 (pdf) Edible Bean Production Update
- HDC Staff Announcements
- Early Order Seed Deadlines

October 2014 (pdf) Bean Disease Challenges
- 2015 - Should I Order My Soybean Seed With Innoculant Already On It?
- Order Deadlines for 2015 Soybean & Corn Seed

September 2014 (pdf) Importance of Potassium in Plants
- Fall Wheat Burndown Options
- Dry Bean Grading Factors: Details & Definitions
- Preventing Soybean Contamination in Dry Beans

August 2014 (pdf) What Can Cover Crops Do for You?
- HDC's Risk Management Plan for Pre-Harvest Dry Bean Treatments
- HDC's 2015 Forage Program

July 2014 (pdf) Monitoring Aphids in Soybeans
- Fungicide on Corn
- Check out HDC Plots

June 2014 (pdf) Fungicide on Soybeans
- HDC Plot Day
- Introducting James dePater

Late April 2014 (pdf) Nightshade Control in IP Soybeans
- IP Soybean Weed Control
- Problem Weed: Canada Fleabane
- HDC Introduces Winfield's CROPLAN® Genetics and R7® Tool

Early April 2014 (pdf) Maganese Deficiency in Winter Wheat
- Clover Cover Crop Pays
- Precision Ag News

February 2014 (pdf) New Terragators to Join HDC Fleet!
- Fungicide on Corn Program Announced
- HDC Welcomes New Field Marketers
- Liquid Starter Available at HDC Locations

January 2014 (pdf) Designed for corn, but works great for wheat and dry beans!
- Edible Dry Bean Acres Still Available
- Fertilizer Retail Pricing Update

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