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June (PDF) Controlling Disease in Corn with Foliar Fungicides
- Double Crop Soybeans
- 2017 Variable Rate Fungicide Program

April (PDF) Western Bean Cutworn in Beans
Top Ten Tips for Successfully Growing Dry Beans
- Sulphur

March (PDF) Nutrient Management in Agriculture

- HDC Food Grade Contract Opportunities
- Top Ten IP Soybean Tips for 2017

February (PDF) Neonic Checklist for Spring 2017
- Staff Announcement: Jamie Miller
- Precision Ag - HDC's Efforts and the Sustainable Future of Crop Production

November (PDF) Seed Early Order Deadlines 
- Sulphur
- Celebrating the Food We Love, Canada Ag Day 2017

October (PDF)
Fall Weed Control 
- Neonic Updates for the 2016 Planting Season
- Staff Announcments 

August (PDF) Soil Testing
- Staff Announcements
- Notice to Customers on Volume Discounts

July 2016 (Electronic)
July 2016 (PDF) Insect Scouting 101
- Protect-It
- CleanFARMS Recycling Program

June 2016 (PDF) Volunteer Corn In Beans
- Save the Date! August 11 is HDC's Annual Plot Day
- Cover Crops from HDC

April/May 2016 (PDF)  To Plant or Re-Plant...
- GreenSeeker + Y-Drop Split Nitrogen for 2016
- Nightshade control in IP Soybeans & Dry Beans

March 2016 (PDF) Scouting Early Season Pests in Corn & Soybeans
- Nitrogen & Sulphur on Wheat
- 2016 Winter Wheat Crop Protection Strategy

February 2016 (pdf) Neonic Regulations for 2016
- UN International Year of Pulses
- Effective Herbicide Programs for Glysophate Resistant Fleabane

January 2016 (pdf) Fertilizer Update
- HDC FieldTrace Management System
- 2015 Board of Directors Report

December 2015 (pdf) Don't Forget About Zinc in 2016!
- Merry Christmas
- HDC Field Marketer Updated Contact Listing

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Notice to HDC Customers (May 13, 2015):

The use of “Manipulator” is not permitted on HDC contracted IP Branson.
HDC will receive wheat treated with “Manipulator” that will only be shipped within Canada. Please contact your Local HDC Field Marketer for more information.






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