• HDC’s target planting date is May 20 to June 5. Planting can be done earlier in certain areas provided that you are not concerned about a frost after emergence. 
  • It's May 20th next Tuesday, we have experienced our best yield and best colour on early planted Azuki beans. Based on the date, we suggest you plant your Azuki Beans before your soybeans if you haven’t planted your soybeans yet.
  • The ideal planting depth is 1.0" to 1.5" and into moisture. Shallower planting into low moisture conditions could result in herbicide uptake by seedling plants.
  • To avoid emergence problems, plant into warm moist soils. Planting into cool damp soil will slow emergence and may reduce population.
  • Planting and seed handling equipment should be cleaned out with vacuum or pressurized air to prevent contamination from the previous crop.
  • Do not rush to plant dry beans prior to a heavy rain. If a heavy rain falls on newly planted seeds this can result in the seeds taking in cold water and causing the beans to be stunted. Better results will normally be obtained by waiting to plant into the moisture provided as the field conditions allow after the rain. 

Posted Tuesday, May 13, 2014