HDC offers a complete line of products and services such as cropping alternatives, marketing, logistics, feed and fuel for today’s progressive farmer. We take pride in our Food Products Division which contracts approximately 200,000 tonnes of Food Grade Soybeans and Dry Beans annually.

By having a consumer-focused mentality with a strong commitment to excellence, HDC provides our growers/members the opportunity to participate in global markets. With the combination of our Food Products Division, and our top quality Processing and Logistics Divisions, HDC has made a long-term commitment to providing a solid link between Ontario’s food producers and the end-users that supply consumers around the world.

HDC has established a strong reputation in the global soy market. As a member-owned co-operative, HDC maintains close ties with our growers. Ontario farmers are considered the best in the world for food production expertise and are the first choice for buyers. Through a strong consumer-focus rooted in excellence, HDC provides quality soybeans to importers and manufacturers around the world.


                Variety Details
S03-W4   42.5% protein – very popular for soy beverage/tofu market.
S05-T6   41.0% protein – great yield – high isoflavone.
OAC Brooke   42.5% protein – high yield – earlier maturing. ** New for 2015
S07-D2   44% protein – good yield – good value for a higher than average protein variety.
S07-M8   42% to 43% protein – excellent yield – multipurpose variety.
HDC Carlow   42% to 43% protein – excellent yield – multipurpose variety.
S14-L9   42% to 43% protein – excellent yield – multipurpose variety.
HDC Goshen   43% protein– new– great yield – SCN Resistant.
ADV Cadet   45% protein– decent yield – good tofu bean.
S18-R6   40.1% protein– excellent yield – SCN Resistant.
HDC 1600T   42.5% protein– great yield – multi-purpose variety.
HDC Blake   42.4 % protein – good seed size – better yields than OAC Kent.
S21-C3   42% to 43% protein – excellent yield – SCN Resistant.
S23-T5   40% protein – excellent yield – SCN Resistant.
OAC Kent   41.8% protein – full season maturity – top performer for many years.
HDC X790   46% to 47% protein– full season maturity– premium tofu soybean.
SQWH   39.5% to 42.5% protein– mixture of white hilum varieties.
Non-GMO   38.5% to 42.5% protein– mixture on Non-GMO varieties.

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