HDC is committed to providing the best service and products to meet our Veal customers' needs. The Ontario Veal Producer of today has a committment to provide quality meat to the global consumer at a world competitive price. As a member of your team we will provide services and products that are up to the challenge.

HDC Supplies:

  • 36% Steakmaker (10% ECP)
  • 36% Opti-glow steakmaker (12% ECP)
  • Whole corn and pellets for veal
  • High fibre complete rations for veal
  • Mash or textured feed
  • A meat and bone meal free manufacturing plant
  • Volume discounts
  • Corn grain banking
  • Bulk tanker delivery
  • Feed Assure (HACCP) Certified
  • Shur-Gain Certified
  • Nutrient Management Programs

New Product Development Ruminax

  • Shur-Gain 22% Ruminax Transition Calf Ration

Service Program

Our team can offer you the latest information on Feeding Management Solutions for pre-weaned and post-weaned calves. By working with Shur-Gain, HDC is proud to offer the VealScore program. This can help your operation to maximize rations that are the best fit for your veal operation.

By using our automatic feed delivery for your operation you can be reassured your animals feed needs are covered. Let our professional team look after sampling your feed and provide you with solutions to maximize the feeding efficiency of your operation.


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