We are committed to providing the best service and products that meet our customers needs. The Ontario Pork Producer of today has a commitment to provide quality meat to the global consumer at a world competitive price. As a member of your team we will provide services and products that are up to the challenge.

Service Program

HDC offers a computerized performance evaluation system called "Watson™". Watson evaluates your operations performance allowing you to develop the most profitable situation for your operation.


HDC's team of professional swine specialists are committed to do their utmost to provide you with the services that you require and the feeds that fit your needs.


We offer a comprehensive line of animal health products at both our feed mill locations. They include injectables, soluble powders, rodenticides, and disinfectants. In addition, a complete line of Shur-Gain pet foods and agricultural salts are available for your convenience.


The HDC Service Program is made available to us through Shur-Gain, a world leader in swine nutrition and research.


HDC is the largest franchised Shur-Gain dealer in Ontario. Our working relationship with Shur-Gain provides us the advantage of size but our local member ownership provides you with the benefit of dependable friendly service.

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