The Ontario Broiler Producer of today has a commitment to provide quality meat to the global consumer at a world competitive price. As a member of your team HDC will provide services and products that are up to the challenge. Our poultry dedicated sales staff are trained to troubleshoot and consult with you to resolve animal husbandry or nutritional concerns. Quota procurement has become an integral part of their job. Any quota requirements you may have will be dealt with discreetly and promptly by a professional team member.

In an era of food safety issues and consumer health concerns we have taken a proactive stand. HDC's Clinton, Londesboro and Zurich feed mills are HACCP accredited. We feel that with HACCP accreditation and a fleet of clean well maintained delivery trucks, we can ensure you of feed safety and bio-security.


We now offer a comprehensive line of animal health products at our three feed mill locations. They include soluble powders, rodenticides and disinfectants. In addition, a complete line of Shur-Gain pet foods and agricultural salts are available for your convenience.


A dedicated sales team member will be happy to present to you a profit building partnership program. This partnership program was developed for us by Shur-Gain and Maple Leaf Foods.


HDC is the largest franchised Shur-Gain dealer in Ontario. Our working relationship with Shur-Gain, a world leader in animal nutrition and research, provides us the advantage of size but our local member ownership provides you with the benefit of dependable friendly service.


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Updated 28.03.17