HDC is committed to providing the best service and products that meet our dairy customer needs. The Ontario Milk Producer has a commitment to provide quality milk products to the Ontario consumer at competitive prices, as a member the HDC team you will be provided with services and products that will help attain this objective.

The HDC Service Program

HDC offers the Shur-Gain Newton™ Dairy Computer Program that balances for amino acids, carbohydrates, and all essential nutrients, while maximizing the use of your home grown roughages and grains – providing in the end, the best cost per litre of milk. Our experienced, trained nutritionists will work with you to ensure the program meets your operations requirements.


HDC supplies commodities such as corn distillers, roasted edible beans, bakery products, beet pulp, soybean meal, roasted soybeans, canola meal or grains, as well as customized dairy rations, dairy supplements, protein blends and customized premixes.


HDC also offers a complete line of animal health products, rodenticides, Shur-Gain pet foods, pesticides, minerals, and salts. These products are available at Londesboro, Mitchell, Parkhill, Ripley and Zurich.


A few of our services include:

  • Automatic Feed Delivery
  • Pelleted or Crumbled Feeds
  • Feed Sampling
  • Mash or Textured Rations
  • A Meat and Bone Meal Free Manufacturing Plant
  • An ROP Club
  • Volume Discounts
  • Corn Grain Bank Services
  • Grain Purchasing
  • Bulk Tanker Delivery
  • Nutrient Management Programs
  • Certified Shur Gain Dairy Center
  • Shur Gain Certified Dairy Advisor
  • Feed Assure(HACCP) Certified













"Introducing Rumimax™ Dry TMR" from Shur-Gain (YouTube.com):


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Updated 11.07.14