HDC is committed to providing the best service and products that meet our Beef customers' needs. The Ontario Beef Producer of today has a commitment to provide quality beef to the consumer at a world competitive price. As a member of your team we will provide services and products that are up to the challenge.

HDC supplies:

  • A complete line of Shur-Gain Beef Backgrounding Feeds, A Variety of Feedlot Finishing Feeds, Premixes, Blends and Minerals Plus Cow and Calf Starters
  • Animal health products such as disinfectants and antibiotics
  • Parasite control products for lice, grubs, and various types of worms.
  • Coccidiosis control methods and products
  • Management and feeding recommendations for your operation.

Ration Balancing Service

HDC offers a ration balancing service for our customers. As part of this service we accurately sample and analyze your feed stuffs. The information is then used to best utilize your on farm forages and energy sources. If you have commodities available we will be happy to incorporate them into your customized program. We offer complete feeds, supplements, premixes and minerals that can be utilized to create your customized feeding program, providing you with the best cost per pound of gain.


Creep Feeding

Creep feeding calves and pre-conditioning calves have become the norm. With higher stocking densities or dry pastures, creep feeding rewards the calf owner with heavier and more even lots of calves to market. These calves go onto feed easier in the feedlot with fewer adaptation problems to finishing programs. Processors and feedlot operators continue to prefer an animal that has some black colouring and an animal that will finish in the 1250 to 1300 lb range.


Talk to us about our calf creeps and programs. HDC has creep feeds in both textured and pelleted forms. In addition, supplements are available to enable you to make rations at home. We would be pleased to discuss these products and management programs with you in detail.


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Updated 19.08.14