HDC is committed to providing HACCP certified feeds and services so that our customers can profitably produce high quality food for the ever changing demands of the consumer. Quality feed, outstanding service and dedication to improvement and technological advancement is why we are industry leaders today and into the future.

  • Customized Formulation

  • Forage & Ingredient Sampling & Analysis

  • Qualified Feeding Specialists

  • Nutrition Formulations Programs

  • Corn-Grain Bank Rebate

  • Systematic analysis of all our ingredients and finished feeds

  • Knowledgeable Staff

  • Shur Gain Research & Technology

  • Timely Newsletters

  • Customer Information Meetings

  • Bottom Line Results

    How We Work

    The HDC Feed Division employs approximately 80 people in four feed mill locations - Clinton, Londesborough, Mitchell and Zurich, Ontario Canada. Combined outputs total over 300,000 metric tonnes of feed. The HDC Quality Control Program ensures that the feed that we produce is safe and optimal for the health and performance of your animals.


    HDC manufactures most types of animal feeds through the use of our:

    • Three Pellet Mills
    • Four Mixers
    • Roskamp Double Roller Mill
    • Post Pellet Liquid Application of Fats and Enzymes to Enhance Animal Performance

    HDC feed can either be  purchased through one of our feed locations, delivered by one of our fleet of feed trucks. All bulk delivery units are equipped with bio-security disinfectant systems for your protection.

    The end result:
    Quality controlled performance
    feed for greater


    Updated 29/10/14