Cap & Trade in Ontario

What you need to know:

The cap and trade program is a key government initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To do so, cap and trade is being applied to all suppliers in Ontario. These include: automotive gasoline, diesel, light fuels, heavy fuel oils, petroleum and propane. Excluded products: aviation and marine fuels, hydrocarbons (used in feedstocks) and Bio and Renewable fuels.

The cost of the program introduced by Ontario is variable and subject to market volatility. The initial cost is estimated to be 2.75 cents per litre and is expected to increase each year by 5% to 7%.

Key Facts:

  • Begins Jan. 1, 2017
  • Caps the amount of greenhouse gas emissions Ontario’s homes and businesses can emit, and lowers that limit over time.
  • Will cost the average Ontario household about $13 more per month to fuel a car and heat a home in 2017.
  • Proceeds from cap and trade will be invested into projects to help families lower their energy costs and save money.

What does this mean to you?

Below are examples of how the cap and trade affects the products you purchase.

  • Propane:
    • 500L x 2.75 cents = $13.75
  • Gas:
    • 40L x est. 3 cents = $1.20
  • Home Heating Oil:
    • 500L x 4 cents = $20.00
  • Diesel Fuel:
    • 1000L x 4 cents = $40.00

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