HDC offers a full range of petroleum products including gasoline and diesel fuel.  

10% Ethanol Blended and No-lead Gasoline:

With the threat of global warming and energy concerns in to today’s environment the need for clean and green fuels are quickly becoming a necessity. These gasoline blends ease the burden on the environment by reducing emissions of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons. We are proud to offer our customers a renewable resource to protect our environment. Try it and make a personal difference. HDC also offers conventional grades of no-lead gasoline.

Diesel Fuel:

Both clear and coloured diesel fuel are available from HDC. Whether you fill up at one of our gas bars, card/key lock locations or get product delivered to your place of business, you will appreciate our great products and  convenient service.

Drop in to one of our locations to fill up or call 1-800-265-5190 to arrange scheduled deliveries.

Fuel Right Premium Diesel now available from HDC, click for more information.

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