A well maintained and serviced furnace can reduce consumption and avoid costly after hours "no heat" calls.

HDC subsidizes your clean and service. Based on your furnance oil consumption your cleaning may be FREE. Call 1-800-265-5190 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today for details.

When you think about the New Oil Heat...

...think long-term, not short-term.
...think friendly service, comfort and safety.
...think no retroactive charges or debt retirement.
...think FREE annual service from HDC
...think comprehensive inspection at No Charge

Includes Fuel Filter, New Nozzle and Air Filter

  1. Fire up burner
  2. Check primary control
  3. Install new nozzle - no charge for part
  4. Install new oil tank filter - no charge for part
  5. Replace air filter - no charge for part
  6. Clean and set electrodes
  7. Oil electrical motors
  8. Check fan bearings and fan belt
  9. Vacuum and clean out furnace
  10. Clean chimney pipes
  11. Inspect chimney
  12. Check heat exchanger for leaks
  13. Fire furnace and adjust combustion air and set draft
  14. Inspect oil tank
  15. Check operation of fan control and limits
  16. Complete Fuel Safety Comprehensive Inspection

Labour and parts will be charged at the regular rate for repairs over and above the 16-point inspection.





Gary's Heating
Gary Boucher

Independent Burner Technician
C: 519-524-0572

  • Servicing HDC customers north of Hensall
  • Gold Green Tech Certified
  • Awarded Delivering the Goods Award 2010 by Canadian Oil Heat Association
  • Member of Canadian Oil Heat Association
  • Certified “Best Practices of Fuel Oil Storage Installation”
  • Registered and Licenced by Fuel Safety Authority

Donaldson Heating
Jamie Donaldson

Independent Burner Technician
T: 519-439-HEAT (4328)

  • Servicing HDC customers south of Hensall
  • 13 Years of Industry Experience

  • Registered and Licenced by Fuel Safety Authority


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