HDC operates one of the largest co-operative petroleum distribution operations in Southwestern Ontario. 100% of our refined products are purchased from major Canadian refineries and meet all Canadian industry specifications. HDC is committed to offering a full range of quality products to meet your fuel and lube requirements including:

  • Refined products including 10% ethanol blended gasoline, clear and marked diesel fuels, no-lead gasoline and furnace oil.
  • A Complete line of Chevron Lubricants now available at HDC.
  • Oil Burner Service Program for all your no-heat calls and annual servicing. All of our contractors are Green Tech Certified.
  • Convenient Retail Gas Bar and Card/Keylock locations.
  • An after-hours emergency delivery system that puts you in direct contact with your normal delivery driver.
  • HDC's Energy Division Manager and Support Staff, have years of experience in the industry to serve you.
  • HDC promotes the safe handling of all liquid fuels, codes and regulations as governed by TSSA Fuel Safety.

Use the convenient on-line applications below to set-up an account with HDC: