HDC History 2013-Present


Hensall 4-40x120’ concrete silos and 2-36x120’ concrete silos (total now 20) for edible soybean plant 

Hensall purchased Kirk house and lot on the northeast corner of Mill & Soldan St.


Hensall – storm water management pond (SWM) 

Hensall – Open Soldan Street and truck staging roadway 

Ailsa Craig – liquid fertilizer concrete dyking 

Hensall Coloured Bean Plant –increase receiving capacity from 5000 bu/hour to 10,000 bu/hour & 6-60,000 bushel steel storage bins $3,200,000

Hensall Processing – upgrade 2 Sortex electric eyes and aspiration system

Hensall Petroleum/propane tanks, trucks and equipment

Westfield Road (Blyth) Dorssers Melennium Dryer

Greenway – Waconia 40mt/hour dry fertilizer blender and 5 liquid 28% storage tanks

D68 (Ailsa Craig) – 28% liquid containment dyke and 5 SK tanks

Hensall Global Logistics (HGL) highway tractors, bulk agri-trailers, container chassis

Londesboro/Zurich feed mill and truck upgrades

Mitchell – install cement floor in warehouse

Mitchell – 2 Batco conveyors & 2 drive-over conveyors to receive white beans

HDC achieved record sales of $651M


Hensall – finalize installation of a cluster of 6 steel bins with capacity of 1.5M bushels storage and bulk railcar loading capability $7,600,000

Hensall – move grading room to new location

Hensall Coloured Bean Plant – dust control system

Hensall – 4 temporary office portable classroom addition to office space

Forest – Receiving elevator with platform scale, overhead shipping bins and asphalt pad

Greenway – 400,000 bu steel storage bin – 75’d x 80’ high   

Greenway – Receiving elevator leg system upgrade

Londesboro – 580,000 bu steel storage bin – 105’ x 90’ high

Exeter Distribution Warehouse –residential property development

Hensall Petroleum – tanks, pumps, card locks, Exeter Gas Bar upgrades $360,000

Hensall (2)-Greenway (5)  7- 28% liquid fertilizer SK tanks

Hensall – 1st stage opening of Soldan Street

Hensall – Storm Water Management Pond (SWMP)

Hensall (4)-Greenway (2)-Seaforth (2) – 9 SK 150mt dry fertilizer Hopper bins

Mitchell – install asphalt storage pad

Mitchell – upgrade soy processing, including new electric eyes

HGL –highway tractors, bulk trailers, container chassis

Purchase of Mitchell Feed Mill (Mitchell/Dublin/Sebringville)

Swinton Park, Pelto Agri ----lease to own


Lakeside, Yantzi Commodities Inc. ----lease to own


Hensall – 185’ x 600’ (110,000 sq ft) warehouse and packaging system

Hensall – increase soybean processing plant from 20 mt/hour to 40 mt/hr $4,300,000                             

Hensall – increase storage of 10 x 1200 mt steel bins for specialty bean processing line 

Brussels – move propane terminal from Hensall to Brussels 300,000 U.S. Gal Storage

Hensall – 500kw Solar Panel Project  @ GMH warehouse on Oxford Street

Hensall – Upgrade edible bean pit #1 to 6000 bushels per hour

Hensall – 10 SK bins for seed (total now 50)

Hensall – 2nd stage completion of Soldan Street to meet Greenfield Drive, including staging area for trucks


Heidelberg - HDC gas pumps installed at Forwall Variety in Heidelberg, ON

 Clinton - purchase of Fleming Feed Mill and Elevator Operations


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