HDC History 1962-1987


Bought Seco Mobile Feed Mill

Discussed merger with Hensall, Exeter and Seaforth or Hensall with UCO


Wilmer Ferguson, manager

Purchased Zurich Builders’ Supplies in Zurich - $25,000

Installed aqua tanks

More merger meetings


Purchased pay loader and lift trucks

Board decision to buy Mickle’s bean elevator in Hensall, spearheaded by Malcolm Davidson

Sales over $1,000,000


Purchased Mickle’s bean elevator for $90,000, dryer and renovations $72,500

Bought land from Earl Soldan (five acres @ $1,500, north edge of Hensall)

Archie Couper, manager

Earl Wagner, assistant manager

Installed bulk fertilizer blender on Soldan property in Hensall 


Bought more land from Earl Soldan


Four silos constructed at elevator

Untimely death of Malcolm Davidson


Sold property at south side of Hensall to W.G.Thompson - $32,500

Erected Hensall fertilizer building

Bert Klopp resigned as Secretary of Board, Elgin Hendrick took over


Four more silos constructed;  electric eyes ordered

Zurich feed mill expanded


Bulk bins for white beans erected


New office, store and warehouse built on Soldan property and opened in March – cost $109,000

Purchased seed warehouse from Doug Cook at the northwest corner of Mill & Nelson, Hensall

Installed truck scales - $24,000

Approval for 28% storage

40 employees work at Hensall Co-op


Expanded elevator – new dryer, four silos, hydraulic truck lifting facilities

Two new cleaning units - $500,000

First terragator

Sold Main Street property to Bayley Bros. for $23,500

Electric eyes purchased - $27,000

Two silos approved


Probe sampling of grain installed


Fluid blend fertilizer plant built

White bean crop damaged


Purchased computer

Kim Adair, office manager

Bought anhydrous equipment - $66,000

Four cement trailers to truck fluid blend fertilizer purchased


July 21 – Archie Couper Retirement & Member Appreciation Day

Hydraulic dump installed

Zurich store moved from mill to fertilizer building

Elgin Hendrick retired as Board Secretary

John Campbell accepted position as Board Secretary

Earl Wagner named General Manager

Paving at Hensall – soybean elevator constructed

Became Ag-Chem Parts Centre for Eastern Canada

Overhead fertilizer bins at Zurich

Brent Caslick, office manager


Paul Ducharme, operations manager

Larry Shapton, general sales manager

Began lumber business in Zurich

Purchased hanger at Vanastra – storing grain/fertilizer - $90,000


Tim Beard, grain marketing manager

Wilmer Ferguson – manager at Zurich

Installed underground fuel equipment - $90,000

September opening of Sacket dry fertilizer blender in Hensall - $155,000


Corn dryer twinned - $150,000

Established propane business

Began tractor-trailer trucking business


Point-of-sale computers at Zurich and Hensall

Started new propane department – Butch Desjardine hired as manager – tandem propane truck purchased for $112,000

September 8 – Pellet Mill opened in Zurich

Computer drying controls installed in corn dryers

Seaforth merger approved


Leased Gay Lea building for Seaforth location

Reiny Freiter, Seaforth manager

Bought Air Flow dry fertilizer applicator - $90,000

1977 white bean lawsuit with O.B.P.M.B. settled for $130,000

Baffle fertilizer blender and overhead bins at Zurich - $30,000

Three new terragators

Computer upgrade

Tractor-trailer unit


Lumber warehouse in Zurich

Additional anhydrous equipment

Leased Ontario Bean Growers Co-ops at London, Rannock, Seaforth and Atwood for one year

24 hour, computer operated auto self-serve fuel service

Installed first electrical sub-station in Hensall

Acid based fertilizer in Hensall 


Leased property from Frank Kling Limited 1-1/4 miles north of Seaforth and built temporary grain receiving elevator

Tractor-trailer unit purchased

Propane tanks and equipment purchased

Leased W.G. Hayter facilities in Varna for one year


HDC celebrates 50th Anniversary

New store and office addition in Hensall

Paul Ducharme retires as operations manager

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