The Hensall District Co-op (HDC) Board of Directors consists of 10 elected members and one secretary and represents the members of the Hensall District Co-operative. They are responsible for determining the basic purpose, general direction and major objectives of the organization and approve all major policies and ensure the achievement of long-term objectives in accordance with general policy direction. The Board also appoints, directs and determines the responsibility of the CEO.

The Board of Directors meets at least once a month to deal with business matters and to review progress. At year-end, they report to the annual meeting of members on HDC sales, revenues and overall performance. At the AGM, members vote on the recommended dividend rate.

HDC directors are elected to serve a three-year term of office. The maximum time a director can serve is four continuous full terms or a total of twelve years. Specific zones have not been established for representation on the Board, however, the election of directors from across the trading area is recommended.

The Board of Directors meets the fourth Thursday of each month.

2017 HDC Board of Directors:

  • Steve Jansen (Seaforth), President
  • Ed Mosterd (Shakespeare), Vice President
  • Bill Wallace (Egmondville), Secretary
  • Keith Strang (Hensall), Director
  • Terry VanderWal (Denfield), Director
  • Aise Van Beets (Bayeld), Director
  • Jeff Allan (Brucefield), Director
  • Henry Vanderburgt (Dashwood), Director
  • Peter Dinsmore (Gorrie), Director
  • Jorg Genoch (Bayfield), Director
  • Rob Cornelis (Ailsa Craig), Director

2016 HDC Board of Directors:

  • Keith Strang (Hensall), President
  • Steve Jansen (Seaforth), Vice-President
  • Bill Wallace (Egmondville), Secretary
  • Jorg Genoch (Bayfield), Director
  • Greg Kerrigan (Camlachie), Director
  • Ed Mosterd (Shakespeare), Director
  • Peter Dinsmore (Gorrie), Director
  • Aise Van Beets (Bayfield), Director
  • Terry Vander Wal (Denfield), Director
  • Henry Vander Burgt (Dashwood), Director
  • Terry Vander Wal (Denfield), Director
  • Jeff Allan (Brucefield), Director

Previous HDC Board of Directors:

2015 HDC Board of Directors:

Standing left to right:
Directors - 
Terry Vander Wal (Denfield); Henry Vanderburgt (Dashwood); Past President - Ross McIntosh (Seaforth), Directors - Aise Van Beets (Bayfield); Ed Mosterd (Shakespeare); Jorg Genoch (Bayfield); Peter Dinsmore (Gorrie).

Secretary - Bill Wallace (Egmondville); President - Keith Strang (Hensall); Vice-President - Steve Jansen (Seaforth); Greg Kerrigan (Camlachie).


2014 HDC Board of Directors:

Standing left to right: Directors – Peter Dinsmore (Gorrie); Ed Mosterd (Shakespeare); Steve Jansen (Seaforth); Gerhard Eilers (Zurich); Aise Van Beets (Bayfield); Terry Vander Wal (Denfield); Jorg Genoch (Bayfield).
Seated: Secretary - Bill Wallace (Egmondville); Vice-President - Keith Strang (Hensall); President - Ross McIntosh (Seaforth); Greg Kerrigan (Camlachie).


2013 HDC Board of Directors:

Standing left to right: Directors – Peter Dinsmore (Gorrie); Keith Strang (Hensall); Gerhard Eilers (Zurich); Steve Jansen (Seaforth); Ed Mosterd (Shakespeare); Vice-President – Gerald Hayter (Varna); Director – Jorg Genoch (Bayfield).
Seated: President – Ross McIntosh (Seaforth); Secretary – Bill Wallace (Egmondville); Past-President – Robert Cornelis (Ailsa Craig); Director – Greg Kerrigan (Camlachie).