• Proud to be

  • Quality controlled

    performance feed.
  • 12 Dry Bean

    Market Classes.
  • Servicing your

    propane needs.
  • Quality Soybeans

    From Field to Fork.
  • Multiple locations

    to serve you.
  • Meeting your fuel

    and lube requirements
  • Multimodal transportation

    and logistics services.
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We’re Farmer-owned and DEDICATED TO THE PROSPERITY of our clients!

HDC is committed to building a consumer focused, farmer-owned agri-business with innovative people committed to excellence in a global marketplace.


  • Value-Added Contracts

    Value Added contracts provide more income to your farm by allowing you to share in the markets that HDC customers and staff have helped to build.

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  • Take A Look At HDC

    HDC is a company focused on people in agriculture. We believe in investing wisely in products and services that our members believe in.

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